The Muggy Round Up

by Brian Michael Foote


Hello  Commons,

The week opened with Curiosity landing on Mars and quickly streaming images of the red planet back home to Earth.  An optimistic wave of interest in the program took over the news cycle and in the dust of the story’s impact a few interesting and unexpected  bits surfaced.  My favorite of the tertiary stories was the unearthing of a prepared speech President Nixon would have given if Armstrong and Aldrin had been stranded on the moon.  The speech is painfully eloquent and though we are all grateful that there was no occasion for it’s use, it’s impossible to not try and imagine Nixon’s delivery.   On a lighter note, its been amazing to watch the Mohawk sporting NASA scientist and flight controller Bobak Ferdowsi stymie the efforts of parents across the world.

As it turns out, everyone was having a pretty big week.  The Commons team (it’s weird to write in the third person) announced our feature packed Commons 1.4 release.  Commons 1.4 is the result of some serious work from the Development Team and you can check the development blog to stay up to date on bug fixes and the like.   In the days ahead keep an eye out for posts explaining some of the new features.  To get everyone started Scott Voth kicks things off by talking out the new Google Docs Embed Plug-In.

Also having a good week was Footenotes’ favorite Zines at Brooklyn College.  Alycia Sellie posted to share a feature article in The Wall Street Journal.  Congratulations to everyone involved!  I’m still kicking myself for missing the party.

Tony Picciano gave us some follow up on the shooting last weekend.  Tony was also the first on the Commons to share the news about Romney picking Paul Ryan as VP.  I’m beginning to think that the contemporary Republican party is a kind of long running Actionist performance art piece.  I don’t mean this disparagingly, as there’s plenty one can say about the Democratic party, but there’s a kind of internal logic at work so byzantine that I have surrendered to the effect of the piece and can only stand in naked awe of it, bereft of linear comprehension.  I feel like only,like, Werner Herzog really understands what is happening.

Finally this week William Ashton posted a bit from BBC news about MCA’s will.  The deceased Yauch made clear that nothing from his artistic legacy was to be used for advertising.  I hope it sticks because it’d break my little heart to hear the Beastie Boys being used to sell tickets on a cruise.

Till next week.