Round Up!

by Brian Michael Foote

Photo by Lauren Abele

Hello Commons!

Man — what a week?!  I can honestly say I was totally shocked at the Supreme Court decision on ObamneyCare.  I can’t express the deep satisfaction I felt after typing in “” and watching the four alarm meltdown happen before my very eyes.  My favorite of the many, many links flying through the blogosphere was the stuff about Justice Roberts’ medication debilitating his judgement.  These guys…man…harsh.  For extra lulz (I never know if I’m supposed to be a citizen of the net here or an academic I feel so torn) after the ruling came an onslaught of “I’m moving to Canada” Facebook posts and Tweets.  Even the New York Times had to get in a dig.

But even before all affordable healthcare hell broke loose, Tony Picciano and I were still reeling from UVA’s Board of Visitors decision to reinstate President Sullivan after a botched coup. I would clean 6th Avenue with a toothbrush to be a fly on the wall the first time Sullivan and Dragas run into each other on an elevator.  It’s going to sound like John Cage’s 4’33” but it’s going to feel like this.

Speaking of Tony, this week he reminded us that BMCC will reopen a new Fiterman Hall this fall after losing the original from  damage on September 11th.  Savvy readers might recall the Commons’ own Michael Smith’s post about Fiterman and pictures from the original building.  I can’t recall if @CStein Chris Stein had a post about Fiterman here or if it was a conversation we had but in any event it’s good to see BMCC able to restore it’s campus.  Thanks for keeping us posted.

This week Michael Smith was able to connect with the College of Staten Island’s archives and bring some wonderful pictures to us from their campus.  If your campus has a similar archive and would like to be involved you should reach out the crew at “Pictures of CUNY” and help them grow their collection.  How else are we going to get to see gems like this Professor of Basketball?

New favorite “Associations” was back this week.  Jessica Yood was working out what happens when you can’t slash and burn the crops anymore for another harvest.  I should probably take this to the comments, but I’m writing now so I’ll just do it here: Vibrant Matter pretty much jacked up about 70% of my work.  Like, imagine you put on your nice clothes for a date and then Jane Bennett jumps out of the bushes and cuts off your sleeve, takes both shoes and spills ink on your shirt.  What were you reading that had you prepared for that?

Run, don’t walk folks, it’s a great blog.


Come on people!  Get your Sharpies, long staplers, X-acto knives and channel your inner Valerie Solanas…er…well…or maybe your inner whoever you wanted to be in the 90s and make a zine!  They’re awesome;  it’s like a blog, only you can hold it, and trade copies with friends, or sell them.

You work for CUNY, you can only be like, what, 20 feet from a Xerox machine?

Plus, if they’re really good they might wind up with the awesome folks at Brooklyn College Library Zine Archive.

Till next week