The ‘What a Week’ Round Up

by Brian Michael Foote


Hey there Commons,

So the president came out for gay marriage.  Oh snap.

I can’t really think of anything to say about it that hasn’t been covered in the several thousand blog posts since.  Still, since I try to cover a little news here and there it felt like it was worth a mention.   I can see that it’s probably going to come up again in next week’s Footenotes anyway so I’ll save it up till then.  I would mention something about what Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has been up to but I swore never to talk about her again on these pixel pages.

Let’s scroll around and see what was up on the Commons last week…

Keith Okrosy blogged over at Thought Sphere about a New York Times piece on the grim job market prospects for new grads.  More importantly, Keith reminded readers that companies are really stretching out those unpaid internship spots to take advantage of the bleak market.  How bleak?  Well, it turns out that more PhDs are on foodstamps than ever before.  Even The Chronicleis concerned.  I’ll, uh, just leave this here.

Aaron Knoll had a great post up on life in the time of Google.  Specifically it’s about bands working that Google optimization to get better hits, but really it’s about brand management in an age where we’re all a brand.  There’s a Brian M Foote who’s a programmer out there – that means I am destined to remain under his thumb forever.  I suppose the up side to that would be people thinking for just a moment that I’m a programmer when they Google me.  Even though I’m in Boston today I can hear Boone laughing.  Speaking of not being a programmer.  I want to understand…maybe time for a little CodeAcademy.

Adam Wandt blogged about seeing the Enterprise cruise over Manhattan last week.  He also go some killer pics.  Adam mentioned being a Trekkie and my hunch is there’s more than few others running around CUNY.  To you CUNY Trekkies may I offer up one engineer’s dream: Build the Enterprise.

Bike CUNY posted some great news about the city getting a real bike share program.  The map discreetly shows that South Williamsburg will not be taking part in this bike revolution.  I don’t think it’s any big secret that the Hasidim and the cyclists have been involved in a Hatfield and McCoy level feud for a while now.

(Look, I’m sorry for the reference, I keep seeing those posters all over the city and the marketing works.  Besides, I miss Bill Paxton now that Big Love is over.)

Finally this week: The Return of CUNY Pie.  Where the hell were you guys?  It’s been like 27 months since your last post.  You’re telling me no one has had a pie since then?


Till next week!