Round Up!

by Brian Michael Foote


After being inspired by Brooklyn College Library’s zine archiving project I was totally excited for Brooklyn Zine Fest today!  I kept an eye out for the Brooklyn Library crew but a) had no idea what they look like, and b) had to leave because it got a little crazy in there.  It looks like they planned on going so we totally missed a chance to have a CUNY Commons party in the middle of Public Assembly.  Maybe next year!

Speaking of things we love on the Commons…Did you hear that the University of Oxford and the Vatican are about to put 1.5 million historical documents from their archives dating as far back as the early Middle Ages.  I know – I know – I’m freaking out.  We need to tell them about Commons in a Box stat!

Hunter Johnson was blogging over at CUNY Math about some open source software he’s been working with called SAGE.  Some of what’s going on there is a little beyond me but looking at the images produced by the software reminded me of an article that was up at Wired about ‘The New Aesthetic‘ being produced as algorithmic life crashes into meatspace.  The Atlantic is not so sure but I love to hear from the Commons on this and especially the folks working on the math behind it.

Speaking of! Our very own Boone Gorges introduced the two newest additions to the Commons Development team; Dominic Giglio and Raymond Hoh.  We’re excited to grow our team as the Commons continues to stretch out across CUNY and we prepare for the launch of Commons in a Box.

Tony Picciano reported in that Newt Gingrich thinks Fox News sunk him with their unabashed love for Mitt Romney.  I don’t know if that’s true or not but I do know now, thanks to a Fox News mole blogging at Gawker (and since fired!), that Mitt Romney loves the dressage of Arabian Warmbloods.  I had to put on my good suit just to type that sentence.

Finally this week – and most certainly ‘last but not least’ as they say – was HellDriver’s state of the union.  Or rather the state of the metaphysical union of H.D and R.W. and everything there is in the world…or not.  It’s part apologia and part William Blake hammering down tent spikes for an evening in the revival tent.  I’ve been an unabashed fan since the beginning, and if I only skirt the edge of your property I assure it solely out of deference – HellDriver’s pit stop really is just a hell of a blog and sets an awfully high bar.  As to the general inquiry of whether those on the Right ever pick through things here: God I hope so.  I keep waiting for an email from those corners of the universe but it never happens.

This is me waving a stick again, I picture your proverbial cabin as looking like a pallet shack on the outside and an infinite Amoeba Records on the interior.  It’s good to have you around.


Till next week.