The St. Paddy’s Round-Up

by Brian Michael Foote

No, not really.  Snakes are awesome.  I mean just look at this guy:

It’s bad enough actually having to deal with St. Patrick’s day, let along talk about it again tonight.  Turning all of New York City into the world’s grossest frat house isn’t a point of pride for me.  Give me the reptiles.

What a week though!  By now you’ve probably read Greg Smith’s scathing editorial in the New York Times about quitting Goldman Sachs.   Tony Picciano covered it twice on his blog here on the Commons.  The funny thing about it is that even when Goldman bankers try to do good they come off a little sleazy.  By the end of the op-ed Smith is telling the world all about winning a bronze medal at the Maccabiah games in Israel and getting a Rhodes scholarship.  Cooooommmmeee onnnnnn – What do you want kiddo, a gold star for doing something good?  I’ve seen numbers tossed around suggesting that Smith’s epistle wound up costing Goldman nearly 2.5 billion dollars but no one seems to think it’ll last.  My hunch is you can call your clients muppets all you want when you’re handing them million dollar checks.

Speaking of outrage – over 8,000 researches in the sciences have banded together to push for Open Access publishing.  In a move similar to SOPA/PiPA, Congress drafted the Research Works Act designed to push back against new NIH Open Access policies implemented to give greater access to the research community from publicly funded projects.  Turns out researchers are rather fond of that access and don’t appreciate science journal publishers lobbying to reign it in.  This is a great time to mention there’s a vibrant Open Access community here on the Commons leading the push to bring Open Access to CUNY.  Check them out!

Speaking of: The Commons’ own Copyright and Fair Use group would like to remind you to talk to you students about…well…copyright and fair use.  It’s one of those topics that probably gets a little discussion in the intro compositions courses, or maybe orientation seminars, but could certainly be brought up again.

Finally this week – Helldriver is back with another stellar music post.  I have to warn you though, it’s a little emotional.  Which is to say that it will make you feel many conflicting emotions, especially if you are fond of Anthrax.  I’m so fond of Anthrax that Jackson’s are the only guitars I’ve ever owned (except a Charvel which was the same company anyways.)  While I wanted to shout indignantly at some points I have to admit you’re on to something…and it makes me a little sad to think about it.  What really makes me sad though is hearing that Dave Mustaine endorsed Santorum.  Between the two of them I feel like I have to throw out all of my axes now.  Maybe Jackson Dinky’s are cursed.

Till next week!