The Spring Semester Round-Up

by Brian Michael Foote

With January coming to a close it’s time to start the Spring Semester at CUNY.  The blogs are starting to light up again so it looks like everyone is slowly crawling back to their desks.  Out in the world the news was a little slow.  The President gave his State of the Union address and everyone just kind of shrugged.  It was nice to see John Boehner behave himself this year instead of flipping out like some six year old having a meltdown in the toy section of Target.  Romney and Gingrich were trying to hit body blows down in Florida.  I don’t really have a dog in that race but I’m hoping that Newt gets the GOP nod because I am dyyyiinnnnngggg to hear whatever it is Nancy Pelosi has up her sleeve.

Back on the Commons the Brooklyn College Zine project checked in.  After a big push for donations last year and some serious librarianship the collection has grown and is up for circulation.  If you’re new to the Commons this is a great project we’ve been following and it’s been a blast watching the Brooklyn Library Zine crew work.  Hope to see you at Brooklyn Zine Fest!

Astute Patel has been blogging about Cuba!  Somehow I missed this one when it started a couple of weeks ago but it’s great to see another travel blog on the Commons.  For some of the old school Commoners you might remember Aaron Kendall took us to Iceland a couple of years ago.  I had my own little adventure in Hawaii last summer as well.  The Commons could always use more travel blogs!

Tony Picciano reported back from Larry Summers talk on the future of higher education.  The bullet points Tony posted are interesting and if you’ve got a little time you should settle in and read the op-ed.  It’s exciting to be in higher ed right now.  We’re information rich and technology is making things possible that were unthinkable 15 years ago.  While Tony was at the talk, our own Joseph Ugoretz checked in at Prestidigitation regarding iBooks and textbooks.  Joseph thinks the textbook is past it’s prime and a lot of us agree.  If you haven’t yet – please take a look at Adam Wandt’s appeal for eBooks at CUNY.  The technology is there, the question is are we nimble enough to use it?  Tony also alerted us the Twitter’s new censoring policy. This probably has nothing to do with the $300M dollar investment by Prince Walid bin Talal.

To wrap up the week I’d like to point you to Pictures at CUNY.  This is the Philosophy Club at York handling business in 1970.  If you’re not drinking Hennessy and smoking a cigar you’re not doing philosophy – it’s probably just Lit Crit.

Till next week.