First Round-Up of 2012

by Brian Michael Foote

Speaking of sock puppets - the inspiration for Footenotes.

Hello Commons!

Ages ago when Twitter became a thing I totally missed the boat on it.  I didn’t get it.  I lived in San Francisco at the crest of the dot-com boom and when I first heard about Twitter it sounded like something right out of 1999.  Give it two months and a few overpaid “Experience Gurus” or “Good Vibes Shamans” or whatever cutesy dot-com title they’d cook up and Twitter was going to be right there in the rubbish bin next to that sock puppet for   Lo and behold though it’s become a thoroughly entrenched part of modern online life and so I resolved (yet again) this year to hang out there more.  Not a week into my resolution and I find a gem from our own Matt Gold.  Matt tweeted about an outstanding blog talking about the Commons from Lawrence Hanley out at SFSU; Babylon is Burning.  It’s a ‘run don’t walk’ kind of blog – this guy gets us!  I’m always on the hunt for good education blogs so if you’ve got a few bookmarked yourself please send them my way.

Meanwhile on the Commons – To start the week (and year) off you’re going to have to indulge me as I flagrantly abuse my power and call-out one of my other blogs.  If you missed it we’ve revamped Ground Control and now it’s packed with posts from most of the Commons team.  Watch out for new sets of posts each month as we discuss the Commons and other projects and ideas that share our open-source and community focused ethos.

By now you probably heard that Mitt Romney took Iowa with Rick “Google Problem” Santorum coming in a close second.  Tony Picciano was all over it during the election and afterwards as Mitt stood atop of the pile of contenders.  That image is mostly absurd because it’s impossible to picture Mitt Romney climbing on top of anything.  The guy is so starched and stiff an unexpected gale would knock him over and then Ron Paul would be back in play.  Where was the 2012 Campaign set on this? I know the semester is over but we need you guys.

Elsewhere newcomer blog Copywrite & Fair Use had a handful of posts up.  My favorite was an awesome resource for using photographs in your books.  I hope the team at Copywrite & Fair Use will head over to the Wiki part of the site and set up some resources for us.  Speaking of books, our own Christopher Bonastia @CBonastia blogged this week that his new book Southern Stalemate is available.  Congrats Christopher.

To wrap up the week there was some action on the bird spotting front.  The Commons’ own birdwatching community checked in and reported back to us.  From the sounds of it the Mountain Bluebird is tough to catch.  Keep us posted on Montauk.

Till next week.