Ante-Thanksgiving Round-Up!

by Brian Michael Foote

In a few short days you are going to ship off to various strange lands like Indiana, Colorado and Texas.  There you will once again meet up with your old nemesis; the diametrically-opposed-to-everything-you-believe-in relative.  Perhaps this is a sister in-law of yours, or a younger cousin…a parent.  It will all go innocently enough for a while.  You’ll make it through the first couple of hours helping your aunt fix the sides, joking about how big their kitchen is compared to your shoebox, painfully alert anytime the conversation veers towards the political.  Dinner is served, a brief reprieve, and finally when the pressure is too great your uncle will announce to the table that they oughta just turn the hose on all of those hippies down at Wall Street.  Regardless of your lingering anxiety about the Occupy movement you will realize the gauntlet has been thrown.  If you don’t stop this now you’ll never hear the end of it.  Your husband gives you an imploring look but it’s too late.  You are CUNY.

Speaking of Occupy – with the police evicting the Liberty Plaza Occupiers, Occupy Wall Street was all over the Commons.  Tony Picciano posted the news when it broke that the NYPD was headed into the camp.  Morgan Buck, writing at Campaign 2012, shared his thoughts on what hope might be possible for OWS following the eviction.  Emily Channell posted from Appalachian Anthropology to remind readers that the Occupy movement could stand to remember their friends in rural regions as they regather.  Lee Hachadoorian took the week of action to consider Zizek’s thoughts on communism and the commons in light of the 99% movement.  Bill Ashton chimed in and showed us the evolution of image developed for the Occupy folks.  Like I said, everyone on the Commons had some thoughts on this week.  Sadly, Commons darling ‘The People’s Library‘ was destroyed when police cleared out the park.  From the sound of things though the librarians are back at it!

Elsewhere on the Commons, the Brooklyn College Library zine project checked in and is growing by leaps and bounds!  They weren’t the only ones.  Commons Lead Developer Boone Gorges posted about our quiet upgrade to Commons 1.2.5.  Everyone here around the office (false: there’s no office, we all work in our pajamas) was super-excited about the new WordPress blogging full-screen feature.  It’s fun – go try it!  Now!

Alright folks, there was so much more this week that I’ve missed.  Be sure to click ‘News’ from time to time and follow the stream.

Till next week.