Round Up!

by Brian Michael Foote


Pretend for a moment that you have about half a hour to kill.  You could do several things with it; make origami cranes, write those emails you keep putting off, call the dentist…all reasonable projects.  Instead I’d like to suggest that you sit back and read Our Universities: Why Are They Failing by Anthony Grafton in last week’s New York Review of Books.  Grafton surveys the field of critiques hurled at modern academe through the last year or so’s worth of books.  It’s a wonderful round up of everyone who has something to say about the state of things and I’ve already found a few of them that are headed to the winter break reading list.  I know, I know – you have plenty to read. Still, maybe we can scratch up a little Footenotes book club. Eh? Maybe?

While we’re on the subject, Bruce Rosenbloom shared some thoughts on hybrid learning strategies for CUNY over at Envisioning Online Learning.  There are some big questions packed into his post.  Can we centralize online learning at CUNY?  Even if we could – should we?  Bruce shares his thoughts on why he believes so.  I’d love to see some conversations about this show up in the comments.  I know it’s a subject that gets tossed around quite a bit for those of us invested in online learning here at CUNY.

Alycia Sellie wrapped up Open Access Week on the Open Access blog.  It looks like everyone had a great time at the events.  I”m so excited to see what the Commons can do as the Open Access folks bring that energy back to the site.  If you feel like you missed the boat now that the week us up you can always head over to the Open Access Publishing Network group and get involved!

Helldriver convinced me to put on Slayer’s Reign in Blood and sacrifice a goat on Halloween.  He didn’t explicitly push the goat thing but read between the lines man.  It was Halloween – go big or go home.


Till next week.