The Endless Summer Round-Up

by Brian Michael Foote

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the summer, I just hate this awkward last week where you can’t travel anywhere but you still have a bunch projects you kept putting off.  Great, now I have to write a book, fix the sink, figure out how to dispose of a dead laptop, etc.  In other news – Did everyone see the most awkward live mic gaffe of the political season so far? A Bank of America suit tried to pretend like he was in a Tom Clancy novel and biffed it.  Turns out the guy is BofA’s Director of Public Policy.  Real smooth.  It’s not like we don’t know that this happens all of the time on both sides of the fence, it’s just that this one was so awkward.  Anyhow…let’s just get right to it.


Speaking of Rick Perry, Tony Picciano over at Tony’s Thoughts had a couple of posts up about our would be Commander in Chief.  You know it’s bad when Karl Rove calls you unpresidential.  Of course that could be because Rove is expecting Sarah Palin to run.  He can’t be that hard up for money.  Tony also had a great post up about Stanford offering an online course with 58,000 students.  There are some early adopters here on the Commons that know a thing or two about online learning.  Look at what they can do!  On a side note – can you imagine trying to teach a course with 58,000 people watching?

Actually, Bruce Rosenbloom @brucelr had a great post up about outsourcing grading.  I initially missed the piece referenced in The Chronicle but Bruce’s post is a must read.  To say it’s about outsourcing grading is a bit small, it’s a wonderful article about the poaching of professors’ responsibilities and lost of academic freedom.  I only spend a few sentences on each post here and it’s probably best that stick to that because otherwise you’d be swamped.  The frightening constellation of wild adjunct surplus, diminishing tenures positions, automated grading platforms and push for research that is either patentable or profitable does mean that our dialogue about open education via the internet needs to be tempered with a global view of what happens next…anyhow, I’ll ramble on if I don’t stop.  Do read this excellent post and let’s take it to the comments.

How about something adorable?

D’aaaawwwww.  Service animals rock! Librarians and libraries rock!  This post was a winner from the start.  And while we’re talking about awesome dogs;  did you know that the United States Post Office had an official mascot and canine mail carrier who traveled the country alone with mailbags?

Finally, If you haven’t checked out Scott Voth’s ‘Help Wanted‘ blog head on over.  This is a great blog he’s been running for a while now filled with internships and job openings.  Anyone (even non Commoners!) can submit open positions.  Tell your friends and keep an eye out if you see any openings.

Till next week.