The Straw Poll Round-Up

by Brian Michael Foote

I don’t even know where to start.  Lightbulb legislation, awkward questions about submission and patriarchy, poor little Rick Santorum (do not Google)…whatever that was in Iowa, I didn’t turn off the TV quaking in my boots.  The Friday news cycle was far more enchanted with Rick Perry anyways.  Is it just me or does that guy look like a Ronald Reagan action figure come to life?  Maybe we’re in a place where we just vote for the simulacrum of politicians now.


Footenotes has been following Bill Ashton’s @BillAshton superb ‘The Sound of the Stick’ since it got off the ground this summer.  I certainly don’t want to overlook the more itinerant, and yet oddly satisfying, billashton blog.  This week we got some encouraging words from Insanity Wolf as we hunker down to start Fall 11.  I was going to try and link to other notable Insanity Wolf moments to provide a little background for those of you on the Commons who don’t travel in the animal meme set.  I quickly realized it’s just really not possible without long protracted emails to my boss; “No you don’t understand Matt, Insanity Wolf is totally relevant, he’s post-irony, the Tarantino of memes…hello?  hello?”

Oh and speaking of insanity and Rick Perry, Tony Picciano posted about Perry’s recent mega-prayer rally in Texas.  Here’s your ‘Amen’ Tony.

After a couple of great posts about meeting up with the New York Public Library Zine collection folks, the librarians and crew at the Brooklyn College Library Zine project got a chance to check out the collection at Barnard.   We also got an in depth look at one piece from the budding collection with a few notes on content and production.

Over at Efficient Computing Charles Yu gave us his take on the pros and cons of Google Docs.   I’ve been surprised at how much the Google suite has become a big part of my life in the last year, merited almost entirely by the fact that collaboration is possible.  This is as good a place as any to mention that we’re incredibly proud of our own homegrown BuddyPressDocs feature available on the Commons in the Groups section that allows for realtime collaboration between members.  If you need some help getting acquainted with Docs check out our codex page.

Finally this week Carl James Grindley @Grindley checked in with us over at Poems in Progress.  We miss the poetry but we’re excited about all your work and the many published pieces you have on the way.  Congratulations!  Check in when you can!

Till next week.