The Miserable Heat Wave Round-Up

by Brian Michael Foote

I know, I know…it doesn’t help to complain about it.  The last thing anyone wants is to hear someone else talk about how hot it is.  It’s soul crushing though.  My goal for the last few days has been to sit as still as possible, which turns out is remarkably easy to do when you basically have to climb through the humidity to get out of bed.

Alright, I’ll stop.

Apologies in advance for the worst transition in the history of Footenotes but things we’re hot on the blogs this week.  Save all the booing and hissing, you’re going to need it in a minute.  Turns out Tony Picciano @APicciano stirred things up last week when he called out the homophobic Michele Bachman for associating the gays with Satan.  Yes, that Satan – the Prince of Darkness.  Bachman apologists hit the comments to set the record straight (drumroll) and let Tony’s readers know that A) what she meant was that it was Satanic to use the word ‘gay’ to talk about gay people and B) that all scientific and spiritual evidence suggests that homosexuality is not acceptable.  Years and years of internet training has taught me not to feed the trolls but with this heat it’s been hard to resist.  Tony also made mention of the Murdoch scandal that is so out of control I don’t know where to start.  What we need is for some kind of modern day McNulty and Bunk take down Murdoch.  If you didn’t watch The Wire you still got some summer left, get to it.

Aaron Knoll @aaronknoll was back this week giving us his thoughts on why Google+ is doomed to failure.  There’s a little bit of conversation happening in the comments already but I hope it picks up because I’d love to hear more about how the Commons feels about Google+.  Personally I made the leap, played with it a little and haven’t been back since.  It’s not that I don’t like it, but I’m still waiting for everyone else to come aboard.  Plus after Facebook I feel like I’ve learned some lessons about how to behave in social media and I’d like to think of Google+ as a second chance.  Friendster, MySpace – ah my salad days.  Facebook – married too young.  Google+…we’ll see.

Great news out of BMCC!  Joe Bisz and Francesco Crocco received a Title V grant to create College Quest, a “a game-enhanced academic social network, getting things done, and course management application for BMCC”  Check out the post to learn more about College Quest.  Congratulations to both of you and BMCC.

And finally this week, the crew over at Brooklyn College Library let us know that Thursday was International Zine Day.  Who knew…besides zine-o-philes and librarians?  Now it’s marked on the calender!  I’m really excited to watch this zine project at BCL get going and so glad you folks are blogging about it.  Please keep up with us here on the Commons and tell us about the best and the weirdest of what you find!

To celebrate what we hope are the last days of the heatwave here’s a robot playing Rock Lobster.

Till next week!