Round-Up! 10/18-10/24

by Brian Michael Foote

I think this was the busiest week on the blogs I ever seen!  My fingers would be stumps if I tried to recap everything so apologies if I skip you this week.  There’s no way around it so let’s dive in.

George Otte @gotte started off the blogs this week by wrapping up his three part post on the (possible) future of the internet and how it’s shaping academia and everyone else.  It’s been a great read all through and kicked up some conversation in the comments if you’re up for it.  Towards the end there’s a part about co-ownership ideologically undermining the idea of ownership as platforms like the Commons facilitate collaboration and exchange but let’s be clear – Footenotes is the exception there Professor Otte.  Nobody’s gonna take credit for this mess.

Lucia Green-Weiskel @luciagw was back over at A fast-changing world talking about public transportation.  If I try to summarize a great post into a few sentences I’ll ruin it for you so just head over if you missed it and take a look.  To throw in my two cents I’ll just say that you hit it right on the nose.  I’m always mystified when I’m in LA that they have a subway, one that works pretty well, and still people would rather sit in traffic on the 10.

Speaking of Tinseltown, David Shapiro @DShapiro32 stopped by this week with another quick review.  This time it was Ben Affleck’s The Town.  Whether you like the film or not Mad Men is wrapped up for the season so it’s the only Jon Hamm we’re going to get for a while.  Speaking of…seriously Don Drapper…seriously?  I wanted to strangle him.

Long-time blogger Tony Picciano @APicciano was back again this week too talking about bifurcated economies in the US.    I think you can draw line between this conversation and what George Otte is working on at his blog this week.  There was a lot of talk about the rise of the ‘creative class’ a few years ago before we all started eating out of tuna cans, but it’s still fair to say that the internet itself is a platform that certainly lends itself to sustaining this knowledge economy Tony is talking about.  Thoughts?

Alright.  You folks over at The Obama Presidency are killing me.  There was the  fatherhood post, the one about pot, the one about selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, and then the one about British men, their teddy-bears and what you didn’t know about invisible ink.  I feel like this is some kind of test.

Till next week!