The Round-Up I Wrote While You Were Watching ‘Lost’

by Brian Michael Foote

I knew I wouldn’t get home till halfway through ‘Lost’.  Tomorrow I get to sequester myself from all media and phone calls until it finally downloads and I can catch up with the rest of society.  So while I suffer let me comb through the blogs this week and see what’s going on around the Commons.

First up, Tamar @tamarzilkha over at blogging politics took some time to consider whether the immigration laws in Arizona we’re really all that bad.  I’m going to go with yes.  Always a fan of acronyms, I tried to the crack the title code. Stop the BS Department of Homeland Security was my first guess.  With a little influence from all the poetry going on over at Carl James Grindley @Grindley and Tim Wilson’s @twilson blogs I felt I should try a little harder though and decided on ‘Sundry Things Have a Dozen Hearts Severed’. Don’t blame the art.

Speaking of Carl James Grindley, this week’s poems we’re particularly nice.  Coffee Shop is my favorite so far.  I thought the poem a day madness from April was a breakneck pace, but it looks like he’s going to come close to keeping up the pace in May.

Appalachian Anthropology had another post up this week.  I really love blogs like this that annotate a larger work in process.  Although I might not ever get to read the final work that comes out of the process, it’s such a pleasure to watch someone have really personal experience with their research and share that over the course of project.  I feel like this is the best way to use a blog in some sense, not so much as a public journal, but at as instrument to record the ways in which the self becomes integrated into the fabric of their own efforts.

Linda Wadas @lindawadas over at For the benefit of all sentient beings brought us some ducklings!  More than cute ducks was a reminder that spring is here, which I need to remember because it was a long, long winter.

Michael Oman-Reagan @omanreagan reposted a Pogue’s Post from the Times about IT security overkill that kicked up some conversation in the comments.  The Pogue piece was funny but made an excellent point about overkill.  That being said it was especially well timed on the heels of news this week that Todd Davis of Lifelock, you know the guy who posts his social security number on his TV commercials talking about how his service keeps your identity safe…has had own identity stolen 14 times since. (Thanks Metafilter!)

To wrap things up I just want to say – Get better soon Tony Picciano!


Congrats to the Commons – we passed 1,000 members sometime this weekend!!!